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Terra Primus: Voice Summer Showcase Winner

September 2022

At the heart of a broken world lies a struggle between order and chaos.  A danger threatens to make humanity pay for its sins on the world of Terra Primus. A smog-ridden nightmare from the reaches of the not-too-distant future. 

Read here: Terra Primus

"I really loved that the dystopian piece wasn’t far from our actual reality when discussing the climate crisis and clearly addresses the need for caring for the planet over profits and corporations." Anita Okunde - Climate Activist and Voice Magazine Judge

The Promise of The Grave

Hidden deep within the catacombs of a forgotten empire is a killer of myth and legend who stalks his next unsuspecting victims.

Read here: The Promise of The Grave

October 2023

"A bold and darkly indulgent vignette, with a firm grasp of the fantasy genre at its most gruesome. Thomas writes vividly with a turn for the macabre that would make George R R Martin proud."  Jack Solloway - Voice Magazine Judge

Spun Stories: Only in Death

 Death has come for the village of Skor Underhill, a backwater town on the edges of human civilisation. Monsters ripped from mankind's nightmares stalk the night. As the town inhabitants flee for their lives, a mother seeks shelter and safety in her father's church, only to discover that sometimes the real monsters hide in plain sight. 

June 2012 - May 2014

"These stories feel like they were pulled from dark, fertile soil, earthy and possibly poisonous. Like the best fiction, read this collection at your pleasure and your peril. Mike Shea - Writer of Miskatonic High

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